What to do if tenant stops paying rent

Without a doubt, the condition is irritating and undesirable. If the tenant suddenly stops paying the rent, here’s what you can do as a landlord.

Check bank account

The landlord should closely monitor the monthly rents paid by tenants. Checking bank statements physically or online would help you stay on top of things. If there is a deficit, immediate action can be taken to make up for it.

Immediate advice is required

As soon as the non-payment of the rent is determined, the landlord has to investigate the reasons immediately. This can be done through a direct conversation with the tenant or by hiring a real estate advisor to investigate the matter. This could prevent major property damage or loss.

Find the real reason for non-payment of rent

It is imperative that the owner find out the real reason. You need to know the situation for which the rent was not paid. Only then could he make a decision. Whatever the call, the landlord should receive everything in pencil and paper signed by the tenant. The recovery of the payment should be clearly mentioned and mutually agreed.

Quick decision

The landlord must make the decision quickly and must not delay discussions with the tenant. Several legal notices could be sent to support the decision. § 21 Statistics that the rental period ends after 2 months.

§ 8 statistics that indicate a fault on the part of the tenant. However, in those two sections, the matter would be under the supervision of the court and this is the benefit that the owner receives. The court would own the property for up to six months and this would give the tenant ample time to pay all fees. Therefore, the landlord will safely restore your property through immediate action.

Maintain a warm relationship with the tenant.

It is important to help the tenant in a crisis. The landlord has to develop a relationship with the landlord in order to be able to advise him in times of financial crisis. There are also various government agencies that help people in times of crisis. The tenant should be able to take advantage of this help.

Regardless of the tenant’s status, the landlord should always try to get the latest information about the tenant. Obtaining correct and detailed information would help the landlord not only find the tenant but also with the legal process. Information about your social security number, job details, date of birth, and residence can be of great help.

Recover what has been lost

If the tenant is involved in a major financial crisis, the landlord must understand that not all fees are refundable. Therefore, it is best to take the property back and rent it out as soon as possible.


Another thing you can do is hire rental agencies and ask them to help you professionally. They will help you deal with the attorney and also with the tenant. Since they are the experts, they can do better business on your behalf. Sometimes the tenant may agree to pay a substantial amount at one time instead of paying the full amount of the rent. No matter the situation, when you hire a professional agency, they can get a better deal on your behalf.

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Landlords lawyer team guides you with perfect solution

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Different tenant problems

What kinds of tenant problems an individual can expect? The following problems are majorly occurring between a landlord and a tenant

  • Tenant misusing the property of the landlord
  • Not paying the rent for a long time
  • Refusing the vacate the building after several requests
  • Disobeying court order
  • Rough handling

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Landlords lawyer team

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court eviction notice

The team of landlords lawyers helps you with drafting the notice and documentation procedure. You shall work accordingly to recover your rent arrears from the tenant. An exemplary task rendered by the landlord lawyer team is delivering various courses to letting agents. These courses are aimed at improving the legal knowledge to the learners on rent arear problem and dealing with court eviction process. Online courses are given to the customers at an affordable rate.

contact the clever team

If you have issues as discussed, never delay in approaching the professional for your legal help. The team is very strong and experienced with tenant problems. So, you shall contact them without worrying about the tenant whoever it is. The reason is that the team deals with tenants whoever it is in the city. They know how to tackle tough tenants legally and win the case in court.