Benefits of transparent glass whiteboard

Transparent glass whiteboard is a whiteboard that consists of clear acrylic and dry-erase marker. Writing on it looks nice and legible, which is a big improvement from the traditional glass whiteboards. In addition, it is also easy to clean and scratch-resistant. Its translucency makes it not only clean and legible but also fresh and pleasing to the eyes. There are many colors of transparent glass whiteboard, so you can choose one with your favorite colors. Transparent glass whiteboard is a gadget you need in your office or home for your personal use or for teaching purposes.

Benefits of transparent glass whiteboard

  1. Less expensive than the traditional glass whiteboards

This product looks like the traditional glass whiteboards, but it is cheaper than the traditional glass whiteboards because it is made of acrylic and dry-erase marker instead of glass and chalk.

  1. Less cumbersome to use than traditional glass whiteboards

Because transparent glass whiteboard is made of acrylic, you can place it on top of a computer monitor or TV with no problem. You do not have to buy a special stand. Because you do not have to buy a special stand, you can save money by using recycled materials such as wooden pallets in your home. Moreover, because there are multiple colors available for this product, you can match it with your furniture if you want to use it in your home office or living room.

  1. Is scratch-resistant

Transparent glass whiteboard is made of acrylic, which is softer than glass, so it is scratch-resistant. Writing on it remains crisp and clear for a long time, unlike the traditional glass whiteboards marked with chalk that would soon end up covered with scratches and not look nice at all.

  1. Easy to clean

Transparent glass whiteboard is easy to clean because the dry-erase marker comes off easily when you wipe it with a dry cloth. You do not have to use commercial cleaning spray or solvent. Furthermore, this product does not need any additional cover when you store it in your office or home because it does not absorb moisture at all.

  1. Widely available in many colors

This product has many colors including white, gray, purple, blue and silver. You can choose with your favorite colors because it makes your room looks fresh and appealing to the eyes.

  1. Can be used in various ways

You can use this product for personal purposes such as writing messages and making notes or for teaching purposes such as creating diagrams or maps [because it is made of acrylic]. It is also a nice gift idea for the housewarming party that you can get from a colleague or friend who just bought their own home. You can also use it to decorate your room if you want to make it look fresh and appealing.

  1. Creates easy diagrams for students

Students can make easy diagrams on transparent glass whiteboard very easily because this product can be used as a dry-erase marker board by merely applying dry-erase marker and writing on the board with a ballpoint pen or pencil. You can tell your students that you are creating diagrams and they will be impressed because they have never seen a such boards before. Thus, they might be more attentive when you teach them, or at least be more open-minded to what you teach them.