St Francis College gives a new life to your kid

Are you planning to send your girl child to a school? If so, have you chosen the school that fits your expectations? If not, it is not a difficult task because St Francis College in Hertfordshire can meet your child’s need for a world-class education. Many female students are shining in their lives post-school life at St. Francis College. So, you can seek admission to this school without a second thought. Your kids’ future will become bright due to the first-class education system.

St Francis College is a girls’ independent school with top values. The school’s main aim is to foster discipline and abundant knowledge for your kid. The modern education system and traditional values are taught by the school management. Each child is closely monitored, and their progress is communicated to their parents. The school offers day and boarding education for girls aged 3 to 18. The boarding facilities are offered for students aged 10 and over.

Special features of St. Francis College

The school’s management offers individual attention to each student. Yes, they appoint a special teacher for the student’s welfare. The grievances of the students are addressed quickly by the college management.

The classroom size is small in the college, so the teachers can easily control the kids. Maximum attention to each student is a special feature of the college. The classes are organized like a seminar so the students can share and learn widely. They are allowed to discuss world affairs by giving them special topics. Each student is allowed to mingle with teachers and other staff.

Extracurricular activities

Besides academic studies, extracurricular activities of the students are also given vital importance by the college management. Hence, St. Francis College’s students excel in all departments. The school has been achieving great heights each year in all aspects. Each student is encouraged and motivated by the teachers and staff of the college.

The college management conducts special coaching for the entrance examination, preparing students. A specialist is appointed for this purpose to supervise the preparation of the students. The versatile features of the college help the students fare well in their lives.

Each year, the college management conducts an alumni meeting for the benefit of your kids. The outgone students and present students join in a meeting organized by the college authorities. This meeting helps the present students learn about various fields outside their college or studies. Valuable details from the outgone students motivate the present kids.

Boarding facilities

The boarding facilities are world-class for your kid. The student shines brighter by participating in a lot of social activities on campus. The students mingle with the staff and other students inside the campus. Hence, your kid learns a lot about other people’s cultures and lifestyles. The campus accommodates students from more than ten countries.

Due to the outstanding performance and long experience of the college, the students perform well in all fields after their studies at St. Francis College.

Final thoughts

Have you decided now to send your daughter to St. Francis College? If so, you have made the right decision.