Why is St Francis College best for your child?

Pre Prep is a school in Letchworth Garden City that offers various age-related levels of education from Junior Infant, Preparatory (Years P1-3), Infant, and Seniors. The school teaches topics such as food hygiene, healthy eating and nutrition, mental health awareness, self-esteem and body image issues, and environmental matters. It also teaches them about different countries and cultures and their religions, beliefs, and traditions. It teaches language skills from English to French to Mandarin.


The curriculum at the Prep level (Years 4-6) is broad and balanced, offering a range of subjects that allow students to specialize in those that interest them. In this case, students should attend weekly classes supervised by professional teachers in PE, swimming, music, drama, and optional ballet. They also aim to develop character strengths such as resilience, mutual respect, personal responsibility, care and concern for others, creativity, and self-discipline. These are all essential elements in helping our students achieve their full potential.

Their aim is for all students to achieve high standards of learning and behavior, which are sustained throughout the school’s academic and pastoral life. They are committed to promoting an ethos of excellence that permeates all aspects of their school. To help them on this journey, they also draw on the expertise of teachers who have experience in teaching in other religious schools.

They endeavor to provide a safe, harmonious, and enjoyable environment where all students are respected, encouraged, and supported.

Its mission is to promote personal and academic excellence and healthy lifestyles. They aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a lifetime of learning and show them how important faith is in their lives. They also strive to help students succeed in their future pathway education, life, or employment.

The final element of their mission is to be where parents, caregivers, and the local community feel welcome and involved in supporting their child’s learning. They aim to bring families together to build relationships through events such as Family Fun Days, Open Evenings, and School Masses.

At St Francis College, they believe that education should enable every student to become an active participant in the world around them. They want their students to develop a curiosity and passion for learning. Successful students at St Francis College are results-driven individuals ready for their next challenge after school has finished.


The best way to learn about life at St Francis College is by visiting them on campus. Join them for an Open Day and take a tour of the school. You will be able to see everything from the classrooms and standard rooms to their sports facilities and technology laboratories. Bring along prospective students, or just as a day out for yourself! If you cannot make it on an Open day, you can also find more information on their website – they have lots of interactive features, including virtual tours, videos, and articles that should help get you excited about what life at St Francis College would be like.

You can also visit their offices, where you will have a chance to meet staff and parents who can tell you about life at St Francis College. You can also look for st Francis college’s contact address on their official website.