Best Boarding Schools

As a parent there is no doubt that you want the best education that you can afford for your child. But what is the best boarding school? Where can you send them and be confident that when they emerge they will not only be an academic success, they will also be well rounded? Choosing the best boarding school is hard because they all describe themselves as such. It is up to you as a parent to think about the needs of your child so that you can take them to a school where they will be met.
It is not a wise idea to impose a school on your child. They are more likely to reject it if they feel like you are forcing it on them. You should include them in the selection process. In fact, why not ask them to make a shortlist of schools that they would like to go to and then go through the list together? You can tell them exactly how much the family can afford to pay so that they can choose schools that are affordable.
Ask your child what factors they took into account as they selected the schools on their shortlist. This way you will get to know what their priorities are. You may be pleasantly surprised. Your child may choose a sports oriented school because they feel that they would like to become fitter or they would like to specialize in a certain sport. You shouldn’t discourage them – you never know where their talents lie.
You should try the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies – it is one of the best private boarding schools ‘in the UK and they take children from all backgrounds. They have a strong emphasis on excellence in all areas and are very keen on discipline. You can find out more on