Boarding School

Is it at all a good idea to send your child off to boarding school? In the current atmosphere where bullying is not uncommon amongst young people this is a question that many parents ask themselves. While they understand that boarding school gives their child a great opportunity to outperform his or her peers, they worry that they may fall prey to children who aren’t much disciplined. The fact is, boarding schools in England remain among the best schools in the world. It would be wrong to say that no child will ever be bullied if they are in boarding school, but most good schools take steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen. If and when it does they also take steps to ensure that it doesn’t recur.
The school you choose for your child will go a long way in determining whether they are safe there. The best schools make a heavy investment in the right staff – everyone who works there is properly trained and all children are supervised at all times to ensure that they all stay in line. These schools may not be very cheap but the level of care they offer is very good compared to others where school fees are cheaper.
As you choose a school for your son or daughter you should look carefully not just into the academic history, but also into whether the school has a history of bullying. Remember, bullying can be physical or emotional, so you should be on the lookout for both. You should also let your child know that they shouldn’t keep quiet if they experience any harsh treatment from others.
The Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies recruits its students carefully to ensure that bad elements are kept out. All children are properly supervised top ensure that they are safe at all times. Find out more on