Buy Disposable Paper Cups

Deciding on paper cup sizes in not easy – they come in several different sizes and as a first time buyer you may be a bit confused. Usually, the cup size is dictated by what quantities it will be used to serve. In some countries, small paper cups are used to serve things such as ice-cream and yoghurt. If you are looking to buy paper cups for this use you should be looking at the small range – the final size will be determined by the size of the portion that you want to put in it.

The more common use for paper cups is to serve tea, coffee and even cold drinks such as juices on the go. The sizes of these cups will range from 16 oz to 22 oz. In the US where people enjoy larger portions of both food and drink the most common paper cups are 22 oz. In the UK and the rest of Europe, however, where people consume smaller portions you will find 16 oz paper cups are most common. There is another paper cup size that is not found in either of these continents – the 10 to 12 oz range. These much smaller cups are more common in Asia where body sizes tend to be smaller which calls for smaller portions.

Other than size, there are other things you should consider when you are choosing paper cups. Sleeves, for instance, are something that you should consider carefully. They are an additional later that is added to the outer side of the paper cup for better insulation. While your customers may enjoy this added layer of protection, you will miss a branding opportunity since the sleeve covers the branding on the cup. It is therefore up to you to decide which is more important. You may want to buy thicker paper cups that cost more so that there is no use of a sleeve.

If you are a coffee house that is situated in a busy working district you should consider buying paper cups and containers as well. Containers can usually take 4 cups at once which allows customers to take coffee back to their colleagues in the village. If however, your shop is in a small village where people like to meet and talk then there is no point in buying containers.

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