caserta mozzarella

Caserta Mozzarella was born in Caserta, Italy at the end of the 18th century. The original recipe for Caserta is classified as a family secret, but we do know that it’s made with fresh buffalo milk. If you would like to learn more about this cheese, we recommend checking out our blog!

Cheesemaking is a time-consuming process and can be quite pricey to produce. However, caserta mozzarella has many complementary uses including making delicious baked recipes. A traditional Italian pizza requires at least three tablespoons of caserta mozzarella per serving on top of your tomato sauce and dough base. top your pizza with more cheese for a more delicious crust!

Caserta is commonly used in Italian recipes as a replacement for mozzarella cheese. It has a typical creamy taste and can be substituted for ricotta (too). Caserta Mozzarella can be melted or served on the side of your favorite dishes like pasta, calzones, and pizza. It’s always delicious and comes out soft because it’s taken straight from the water bath when making. Caserta Mozzarella has a creamy flavor that is delicious in your favorite Italian recipes – like pizza and calzones!

We recommend using Caserta Mozzarella in your favorite Italian recipes – like pizza and calzones! It’s delicious!

If you love cheese, you’ll love the Caserta brand. Caserta is one of the best mozzarellas out there, and we encourage you to try it today!

You can find our Caserta Italian Cheese in the refrigerated section of your local supermarket or at your local market. Please keep in mind that the cheese is perishable and needs to be kept in a cool, dry place.

Bull’s milk is an alternative to cow’s milk for cheesemaking and has a broader appeal to many people. It’s obtained from the natural feeding on grass of cows in grass-fed farms. The unique way of producing caserta mozzarella is a secret that has been handed down over generations to ensure the quality and freshness of their product. This cheese’s flavor and aroma are dependent on the milky nature of the buffalo. It is similar to mozzarella with a milder, slightly more acidic taste. It doesn’t have an eggy taste as in regular mozzarella, which makes it great for making pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salads.

This cheese originally comes from the southern Italian city of Caserta on the Amalfi Coast. It is also made in Parma, Italy where it is called “mozzarella di bufala”. Unlike other mozzarellas, casertana cheese has a rind (like a cloth) and it produces a slightly acidic taste which makes it great for making pizza and other dishes. Caserta Mozzarella is a whey cheese. While most mozzarellas are made with cow’s milk, Caserta is produced from buffalo milk.

Several years ago, the local government of Caserta changed the rules for making and selling the cheese which led to a significant drop in production. However, today’s rule stipulates that only up to 50 kilograms of pasteurized dairy products can be made per day. Although this is a small amount, it has helped to increase the quantity of mozzarella sold by 30 times as well as increasing the production of buffalo milk cheese in Italy. Today, Caserta Mozzarella is still produced in a traditional way and is considered one of the best mozzarellas in all of Italy. Its distinctive acidity makes it a perfect ingredient for pizza.