Microsoft excel

Microsoft Excel: a software not only capable of performing basic data calculations, but also used to perform data analysis with it. Excel can be a good medium for young people in the world of data analysis who are trying to build a financial model or some other business model. Even if it is not related to your business, adding Excel to your skill set is not bad.

Without doubt, Excel has a wide range of functions that allow you to generate detailed information from data that is almost invisible if not analyzed in Excel. Here’s an overview of these Excel tricks that can help you manage your big data records.


Don’t you think you would save a lot of your cells by combining texts in the same cell? Yes, that’s where the CONCATENATE () function works. The syntax of this function is: CONCATENATE (cell1, cell2, cell3,)

NOTE: Instead of this function, I prefer to use the “&” symbol to combine two cell values into one “= B2 and C3”.

Remove the blanks.

I don’t think many people know about this trick. When you have a large list containing email IDs of people with lots of blanks in the middle. This hack of removing whitespace can save you some space. To do this, first select your row or column that contains these blanks and then press “CTRL + G”. Here in the opened window select “Blank” and press “Ctrl + -” and click “Move cells up” to remove blank spaces from a column or row.

Create spark lines!

Plain Language Sparklines are small charts that are used to show some trends in your Excel spreadsheet. This trick is very useful for seeing trends in small amounts of data. To draw these spark lines, go to Insert> Spark Lines> Lines and select the cell.

TRIM ()!

This function is used to clear the extra white space associated with the value in cells. This white space is offered to you when you extract data from a database. And if you don’t mind removing them, they will be treated as individual entries as well.

Syntax: Cut (text).

These are some of the Excel tricks that people often forget. Give it a try when needed and let me know in the comments below.

Excel as a career

Whenever a change occurs, whether it’s the job of someone who works with small or large businesses or who can work on their own looking for a job or who wants to start their own business or profession, having advanced experience in Excel would be an added bonus in your resume. of someone, when someone mentions that the person is well acquainted with all the important and advanced features and formulas of advanced Excel, it is impressive and advantageous over the other candidates when applying for a job the contracting company

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