Portable Generator UK

It is a good idea to have a portable generator in your UK home – extreme weather is becoming more and more common which means that power outages are happening more frequently. If you have never bought a portable generator before you may be wondering what you should take into account before you buy one. This is a question many homeowners find themselves facing, and here are some tips to guide you:

•    The wattage of your home is the most important thing to take into account when you are buying a generator. The bigger the home the bigger the wattage. Wattage includes all the bulbs as well as electrical outlets. You can have a professional come in and do an estimate, or you can use an online wattage guide.

•    How noisy is the generator? Older models tend to be very noisy and they will bother not just you but your neighbours as well. If you pay a bit more you can get a generator that is almost silent.

•    Does the generator come with safety features? Accidents with generators are not uncommon and you want to choose one that has as many safety features as possible. On your part you should read up on portable generator safety so as to keep everyone in the home safe.

•    How much are you prepared to spend? The cost of generators varies widely and you want to buy one that you can afford. Avoid the very cheap ones – they don’t last very long or perform very well.

•    You should look into what else you get with the generator – the best vendors sell them ready to use. Also find out how long the warranty lasts and whether you get after sales service.

A good vendor for portable generators is Elliot. They have a wide range of excellent ones that you can see on their website, http://elliotts.co.uk/.