tom anderson angel player

This is a poem about a homeless man who gets invited to an angel party and is able to watch the world go by.

There was a homeless man sleeping on the ground outside of this store when he heard some angels laughing in the sky.

“What are you doing?” he yelled up at them as they flew away, “how did you let me sleep on the side walk?”

It’s not what I’m doing,” one of them said back, “it’s what we’re doing.”

He shut his eyes and made himself small and ignored everything around him. He listened hard for the sound of traffic or voices, but all he could hear was silence. He opened his eyes again and saw that not much had changed.

“You can’t stop us from taking care of our own, Tom,” came a voice this time that sounded familiar but he couldn’t say where he knew it from.

He looked up and suddenly it made sense. He was one of them now. He had been invited to their party and they were just waiting for him to get there. Soon they would be playing around and having fun together in their own secret place, just like the ones he remembered in his old life back on earth before he died.

“Goodbye Tom,” said the woman who had spoken before, “don’t forget that we love you. And we’ll be watching.

For a moment he was worried. He didn’t want to get lost, not here in his own city surrounded by all of the people who loved him and knew him. He wanted to go with them, but he wasn’t ready just yet. Not till he fixed everything that had happened here, not until he helped all the people who needed him to guide them along the right path. He wondered for a moment if this was somehow his chance to fix some of the mistakes that he had made in his lifetime, but then another voice came into his mind and held back those thoughts before they could become too dangerous: “this isn’t your time yet. But it will be. We will all be together again, don’t worry.” For a while the man sat on the sidewalk and stared up at the sky, he looked at each star and wondered which ones would be his family when he finally got back there. Then he remembered that he didn’t really have to wait anymore. He got up, smiled to himself and began walking down the street as though nothing could stop him.


First person- I. II, III, and the first person plural- we

Third person- he, she and it are used in reference to the man that Tom is watching. 1st person plural is used with the angels when they speak towards him and to say goodbye before he turns into a star.

At the end of the poem there are two additional grammar errors that were corrected in Flights of Fancy (draft). The stanza breaks were corrected to “I think,” “I thought,” “I imagined” instead of “I thought.” After that the poem was turned over to his editor and proofreader for further editing.