Why is St Francis College best for your child?

Pre Prep is a school in Letchworth Garden City that offers various age-related levels of education from Junior Infant, Preparatory (Years P1-3), Infant, and Seniors. The school teaches topics such as food hygiene, healthy eating and nutrition, mental health awareness, self-esteem and body image issues, and environmental matters. It also teaches them about different countries and cultures and their religions, beliefs, and traditions. It teaches language skills from English to French to Mandarin.


The curriculum at the Prep level (Years 4-6) is broad and balanced, offering a range of subjects that allow students to specialize in those that interest them. In this case, students should attend weekly classes supervised by professional teachers in PE, swimming, music, drama, and optional ballet. They also aim to develop character strengths such as resilience, mutual respect, personal responsibility, care and concern for others, creativity, and self-discipline. These are all essential elements in helping our students achieve their full potential.

Their aim is for all students to achieve high standards of learning and behavior, which are sustained throughout the school’s academic and pastoral life. They are committed to promoting an ethos of excellence that permeates all aspects of their school. To help them on this journey, they also draw on the expertise of teachers who have experience in teaching in other religious schools.

They endeavor to provide a safe, harmonious, and enjoyable environment where all students are respected, encouraged, and supported.

Its mission is to promote personal and academic excellence and healthy lifestyles. They aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a lifetime of learning and show them how important faith is in their lives. They also strive to help students succeed in their future pathway education, life, or employment.

The final element of their mission is to be where parents, caregivers, and the local community feel welcome and involved in supporting their child’s learning. They aim to bring families together to build relationships through events such as Family Fun Days, Open Evenings, and School Masses.

At St Francis College, they believe that education should enable every student to become an active participant in the world around them. They want their students to develop a curiosity and passion for learning. Successful students at St Francis College are results-driven individuals ready for their next challenge after school has finished.


The best way to learn about life at St Francis College is by visiting them on campus. Join them for an Open Day and take a tour of the school. You will be able to see everything from the classrooms and standard rooms to their sports facilities and technology laboratories. Bring along prospective students, or just as a day out for yourself! If you cannot make it on an Open day, you can also find more information on their website – they have lots of interactive features, including virtual tours, videos, and articles that should help get you excited about what life at St Francis College would be like.

You can also visit their offices, where you will have a chance to meet staff and parents who can tell you about life at St Francis College. You can also look for st Francis college’s contact address on their official website.

Independent college girls for your kids

Are you looking for an exemplary school for your daughter? Seeking a suitable school for your kid’s education is a regular task of a parent. The main worry of a parent is to get a perfect school in the city. To cope with your expectations you shall approach St. Francis College in Hertfordshire city. St. Francis College is a top-notch school for your daughter who starts her academic life. Plenty of reasons are available to say that St. Francis College is the topmost educational institution in the city. Depending upon many factors, parents love the school to the core.

About St. Francis

St. Francis College is a day and boarding school in Hertfordshire city. It allows only girls to learn from the age of three years. Flexible boarding facilities for girls aged from 10+ are permitted to stay.

Major parameters are responsible for this college to stand number one among other institutions. The major one is well-qualified teachers and a learning atmosphere. These two parameters are highly influencing many parents to send their daughters to college. Each kid that joins the school is taken care of by the college management in an exact way. The super and classic environment of the college entices parents to get admission to this college. Each kid is given of utmost importance in studies and other extracurricular activities.

students’ enrichment

Students from all parts o the world are admitted to this college for learning. Hence, students can enjoy diversified culture in the college with all sophistication. The student can learn by their friendly mentors who take care of the students carefully. They never miss addressing the grievance of the students. So, each mentor in the college is focusing on each student. The classroom hours are done fantastically by the teachers. The teachers enhance the interest of students’ learning.

The quality education system, nurturing talents of the kids, and also taking care of the students personally are major highlights of St. Francis College. The school management does not miss any complaints received from the students. They take immediate action on the queries and complaints of the school. Wide discussion on the subject and college-like classroom sessions make kids learn effectively in school.

Exclusive boarding facilities

Boarding facilities belong to world class standard for the girl kids. Each kid mingles with their mentors on the school campus during their stay. They enjoy a lot of features inside the campus with the cooperation of teachers and supervisors. The students are given wide exposure to different scenarios during their stay. They become a fully grown individual before they leave.

Alumni meetings are conducted for the present students with the senior students. During the meeting, a lot of ideas are shared between them. The students are trained in such a way that they feel determined to face the outside world so strongly.

Contact the college management

Do you have a strong determination to get a college admission for your daughter? If yes, contact the school professionals for your kid. You shall reach the goal If you follow the college instructions carefully.

St Francis College enhances children’s life

St Francis’ School in Hertfordshire is a world-class educational institution for girl children for many years. This day and boarding school is an independent institution with top-notch values. The school is allowing children aged between 3-18 to study here. The modern vision combined with the traditional values of the school is a major highlight. The St. Francis college stands atop in the position of education institutions even after eighty-five years of experience. The students’ moral and social responsibilities are developed by the management to the core.

Individual attention, and extreme care

The St.Francis’ college management takes care of the girl children individually. With the One-on-one learning features of the college, the students are performing well overall. The management of the school is recognizing the quality of the student well. The innate talent of the children is nurtured well by the college authority. Recruiting students who show interest in various activities is the main goal of admission authorities. Unique education patterns and boarding facilities for the students are topnotch features. Each student is monitored well by the teachers in the college to the core. Special care for the older girls is a praiseworthy feature of the college.

Why St. Francis college is unique?

There are many attractive features available for St. Francis’ college for the students. They are

  • Students’ talent is recognized, developed, and guided
  • Small class size, supportive environment, and maximum care of the school enhance the expectations among the parents
  • Competitive examinations’ preparation for the children is taken care of specially. The college management appoints a special coach to supervise the children to prepare successfully.

Boarding facilities

  • The children from the age of six have the opportunities to board in St. Francis’ college. The knowledgeable teachers, experienced staff, and friendly atmosphere of St. Francis’ college are major highlights.
  • During the stay here, the students can learn about various responsibilities they have after finishing their studies. Individual responsibility, moral values, intellectual skills, and understanding of nature are developed. The holistic approach is given to the students for improving themselves under the strict guidance of the management.
  • The students who pursue their education in St. Francis’ college can enjoy multiple cultural diversity due to the congregation of many countries’ students
  • An outstanding curriculum, social events, and activities, different types of accommodation facilities for the students such as shared and individual rooms are major features of St. Francis’ college.

Past students’ experience

Adding glory to the life of present students, the school management arranges alumni meetings at the school campus. They arrange for old students to come to the school for the meeting with the present students. During the meeting, the past students explain and share their experiences outside the college after finishing their studies. This experience is valuable and informative to the present students. Overall happiness and life-changing feel trigger the passion of the present students who are pursuing their education.

Contacting the school

Contact the school management for your daughter’s admission to St. Francis ‘ college. Also, email and in-person contact are facilitated by the school authorities.

Top Prep Schools in UK


While there are several prep schools in the UK, not all of them will offer what your child needs. To pick the right one, it’s important to understand what constitutes a good prep school. Top prep schools in UK tend to offer a wide range of subjects, and have several extra curriculum activities. They also integrate technology in their lessons and equip students with skills that they will need in the real world. Other important qualities about top prep schools are:

They let children be children

Top prep schools in UK encourage students to develop the spirit of inquiry not only in class, but in other areas of their lives as well. They also have spacious outdoor areas where students can play games, climb trees, and kick balls. This provides them with an all-round education.

All children get attention

Although most top prep schools are situated in large and diverse communities, they are also small enough to allow students to get individual attention. The teachers strive to find and nurture each child’s talent and encourage them to do their best. The education offered equips the pupils, intellectually, emotionally, physically and culturally.

Innovative teaching methods

Teachers of top prep schools use innovative teaching methods and care for the students. The students don’t compete against each other as each of them is valued for their own accomplishment. This encourages them to support each other and form special bonds that last a lifetime.

Last Thoughts

To better understand how students spend their days in prep schools, attend open days of the schools. You could also schedule appointments with the head teachers to ask more questions. While there, observe how the staff treats you and the students; such indicators speak volumes.  Finally, allow your child to spend a day in the school if taster days are allowed. This is a good way of assessing if the institution is a good fit.




Top Boarding Schools UK

Getting into top boarding schools in the UK is not easy – they are extremely competitive, and some parents even register children as soon as they are born. Registration is not enough; there are a series of tests that your child will have to undertake in order to qualify as a student. Many schools require prospective students to take a computerized intelligence test. This is not a test based on previous knowledge but rather on things such as numeracy, reasoning and problem solving. The best way to get your child ready is to get her to do as many practice tests as possible – samples are available online.

Your child will also be required to do an interview and this can be tough for shy children. You can however help them prepare for it by doing practice runs. Come up with a list of the kinds of questions that may be asked in an interview and go through them often with your child.

This may seem to be very stressful, but you can help your child relax by explaining to them why it is necessary, being involved and helping them when they need it. You can also make it easier for your child if you send them to a school where they will fit in. Some of the top UK boarding schools are extremely competitive, not just in class but in other activities as well. If your child doesn’t thrive in this kind of environment you should find them a school that offers a good curriculum without being so competitive.

One school which helps all kinds of students excel is St. Francis College in Hertfordshire. It is a girls-only school that offers a rich curriculum based on Christian values. There are also plenty of activities to ensure that your child gets a well-rounded education. You can find out more on its website, http://www.st-francis.herts.sch.uk/.