Top Boarding Schools UK

Getting into top boarding schools in the UK is not easy – they are extremely competitive, and some parents even register children as soon as they are born. Registration is not enough; there are a series of tests that your child will have to undertake in order to qualify as a student. Many schools require prospective students to take a computerized intelligence test. This is not a test based on previous knowledge but rather on things such as numeracy, reasoning and problem solving. The best way to get your child ready is to get her to do as many practice tests as possible – samples are available online.

Your child will also be required to do an interview and this can be tough for shy children. You can however help them prepare for it by doing practice runs. Come up with a list of the kinds of questions that may be asked in an interview and go through them often with your child.

This may seem to be very stressful, but you can help your child relax by explaining to them why it is necessary, being involved and helping them when they need it. You can also make it easier for your child if you send them to a school where they will fit in. Some of the top UK boarding schools are extremely competitive, not just in class but in other activities as well. If your child doesn’t thrive in this kind of environment you should find them a school that offers a good curriculum without being so competitive.

One school which helps all kinds of students excel is St. Francis College in Hertfordshire. It is a girls-only school that offers a rich curriculum based on Christian values. There are also plenty of activities to ensure that your child gets a well-rounded education. You can find out more on its website,