Are you looking for a independent boarding schools UK for your child to do their sixth form studies? If yes, we recommend that you choose the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies. This school has an excellent reputation when it comes to academic performance – they are able to send more than 90% of their students on to institutions of higher learning. By sending your child there you are giving them a great opportunity to get into some of the best universities in the UK and abroad. The CCSS excels not just for academic reasons but also because they take great care of the students. They understand that if students are not happy in other areas of their lives they won’t have the focus that is required for good academic results.
 CCSS is a boarding school and therefore your child will be living in a dormitory. You can choose to put them up in a room with another student or you can choose to pay for a room of their own. All rooms are en suite. Each dormitory has a boarding manager whose job it is to supervise the students at all times when they are in the dorms. The manager is also available in case a student has a problem – your child can approach them any time, day or night. The manger is also tasked with walking the students to their classes and back.
 When it comes to meals, CCSS is very keen that students eat healthy meals at all times. They provide 3 meals a day and a snack mid-afternoon. Your child will have lots of fruits and vegetables. The school also has extracurricular activities that your child can choose from. They can play table tennis and a few other sports in the evening and they can also watch TV. On weekends the school organizes sporting activities and if the weather allows it, there is a barbeque.
 Your child will not be kept cooped up in the school they whole term. They get to go on several excursions to museums, art galleries and other attractions and they also get to go on a shopping trip to London. You are allowed to give your child some pocket money for them to spend buying gifts on these trips. Your child is also allowed to have a mobile phone and because there is Wi-Fi in the boarding area they can bring along a laptop.