Top Prep Schools in UK


While there are several prep schools in the UK, not all of them will offer what your child needs. To pick the right one, it’s important to understand what constitutes a good prep school. Top prep schools in UK tend to offer a wide range of subjects, and have several extra curriculum activities. They also integrate technology in their lessons and equip students with skills that they will need in the real world. Other important qualities about top prep schools are:

They let children be children

Top prep schools in UK encourage students to develop the spirit of inquiry not only in class, but in other areas of their lives as well. They also have spacious outdoor areas where students can play games, climb trees, and kick balls. This provides them with an all-round education.

All children get attention

Although most top prep schools are situated in large and diverse communities, they are also small enough to allow students to get individual attention. The teachers strive to find and nurture each child’s talent and encourage them to do their best. The education offered equips the pupils, intellectually, emotionally, physically and culturally.

Innovative teaching methods

Teachers of top prep schools use innovative teaching methods and care for the students. The students don’t compete against each other as each of them is valued for their own accomplishment. This encourages them to support each other and form special bonds that last a lifetime.

Last Thoughts

To better understand how students spend their days in prep schools, attend open days of the schools. You could also schedule appointments with the head teachers to ask more questions. While there, observe how the staff treats you and the students; such indicators speak volumes.  Finally, allow your child to spend a day in the school if taster days are allowed. This is a good way of assessing if the institution is a good fit.