Expensive Boarding Schools in England

Private boarding schools in England cost tens of thousands of pounds a year so as a parent who is considering enrolling your child in one you ought to ask yourself whether it is worth it – should you struggle to pay this kind of money when your child can get an education in a public boarding school? The truth is, while the basic education that children receive in both types of schools is the same, there are many important things that you will find in expensive boarding schools that you will not find in public ones.
The first is high quality faculty. Good teachers demand higher salaries, the kind that the government cannot pay. Private schools re able to recruit the best faculty because they offer them higher salaries. Your child will be learning from the best in the industry which gives them a better chance to go to a top university. This is not to say that public boarding schools aren’t able to attract any good teachers – they are there, just not as many.
Private boarding schools are also able to develop facilities that you wouldn’t find in public schools. They have better equipped labs and sports facilities which give children the opportunity to develop talents that they may not even know they had. Some of the best brains in Britain were nurtured in private boarding schools. Children in private boarding schools are also better exposed to arts and culture. They get to travel to some of the best destinations in Europe for these things and the knowledge that they glean comes in handy later in life. They are also able to interact with other cultures since these schools attract students from all around the world.
Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies is one school where your child will enjoy all these advantages. Contact them on https://www.ccss.co.uk/boarding/ to find out how you can apply.