The time has come for your child to join sixth form and you know that there would be obvious advantages to joining boarding school. Only, they are reluctant and think that going to a nearby school where they can come home every day is a better option. How can you convince them that a UK boarding school would be the best thing for them?
It is not unusual for children to be reluctant to live home and become boarders. They are anxious not just about leaving the only life they have ever known; they also worry that will not see their parents as often as they would like to. If your child feels this way it is important to get them to understand that going to boarding school is not any kind of punishment – you are only taking them there so that you can give them the advantages of a UK boarding school.
It is important that you involve them in the process of choosing a school – you can ask them to draw up a list of schools that would be suitable based on certain criteria and then you can choose the best. You will be invited to open days to the schools on your list. Make sure that your child accompanies you on these visits. They need to see what kind of environment they will be living in and also meet some of their teachers.
You should also talk about the issue of extracurricular activities. British boarding schools tend to have a wide variety of activities that children can take part in outside the classroom which helps them hone other abilities that may come in handy later in life.
As you consider schools make sure that you include the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies, one of the best schools in Cambridge. Find out how to get invited to their open day on their website,