How to Waterproof Your Shoes

The winter weather is normally unfriendly to our shoes. The wetness can either mess up your shoes or wet your feet. If your shoes are ruined every week, it becomes uncomfortable and expensive for you as you’ll be forced to buy new ones after a short time. Therefore, it’s smarter to take prior measures to protect your shoes from ruin and to ensure your feet remain dry. The solution lies in using a waterproofing spray.

How to Waterproof Shoes

If you have canvass or leather shoes, there are options such as the stormproof waterproofing sprays that you can use for the fabric. The spray will help to maintain your shoes and protect them from water damage. The spray is also effective for the suede shoes. When waterproofing your shoes, a few things have to be considered. For instance, you have to apply the spray directly on your shoes and keep them in a cool place for the water repellent to dry. After this, you can wear the shoes and get into your daily routine.

The other thing that you should put in mind is time. You have to repeat the application process often. For example, sports shoes should be coated with the water repellent each time you are going to an outdoor event when it’s snowing or raining. Since the spray cannot waterproof your shoes for a long time, you have to apply it often. For this reason, you have to repeat the application process more frequently during winter than any other season. The Stormproof waterproofing Spray is silicon-based and thus effective for all shoe types.

If you were wondering how to waterproof shoes during winter, you now have the answer. With the stormproof spray, your feet get to stay dry and comfortable. You also don’t have to fear to damage your shoes and incurring unnecessary expenses as the spray saves you from the experience.