Annexin V Staining

The accuracy of your annexin V staining experiments will depend on the quality of supplies that you are using. They need to be manufactured with the ultimate care under the most stringent of conditions. Unfortunately, not all suppliers of life sciences products take the necessary precautions. You may find that your latest experiments have given you unexpected results. Before you blame the science you may want to look at your supplier. The best suppliers are the ones that have been supplying life sciences solutions for more than a few years. If you buy your experiment products from a company that has only been in existence for a month or two there is no way to determine whether they are supplying you with reliable products.

The condition under which products are stored and transported also makes a difference when it comes to reliability of results. Your supplier should provide the right storage conditions not just for annexin V staining kits, but also for all their products. They should be able to transport them in conditions that do not compromise them.

As an environmentally conscious life scientist you may also want to look for a supplier who follows the same principals. These suppliers use raw materials and procedures that are friendly to the environment. A good example is power supply – they may not be able to have their whole facility off the grid, but they should be making efforts to use renewable energy sources.

Make sure that you are dealing with a supplier who trains employees in the right procedures. It helps provide you with the right materials for annexin V staining and also helps them stay safe.

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