Sports Pitch Maintenance

It is important to keep your sports pitch in good condition throughout the year – it is the only way that you can have matches played on it. Sports pitch maintenance techniques vary from month to month so this article will give you a few highlights about what you should do at different times of the year.
In the early months – depending on where your pitch is located it may be water logged in the early months of year and there is no cure for this – you will have to keep players off it until it dries out. If you can afford it you may want to change the soil over time and get a more porous type so that you can avoid water logging in the future.
In March – it may be a little cold at this time of year so your pitch may be bald in some places. If the soil is thawed out enough you can start preparing it for the spring bounty that is about to come. New growth will prosper once the weather gets warmer.
Summer months – summer is a great time for most sports pitches – the mixture of summer showers and sunshine means that new growth will prosper. You may want to split your pitch into two if it is big enough so that each section can have time to grow between uses.
Winter – this is when your sports pitch is tested to the maximum so how you prepare it for these months will make a big difference.
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