Luxury Norfolk Cottages

If you are looking for a holiday in the quiet British countryside you have come to the right place. Located in South Norfolk in Waveney Valley, Wheatacre Hall Barns has 8 luxury, self catering cottages that are all made from converted barns all sitting on a dairy farm. Each barn has been renovated to the highest standards but to maintain that British rustic feel that people love so much we retained some of the original features including fine beams. Each cottage has everything that you need to have a luxurious holiday. We are near the historic city of Norwich and there are many fine, sandy beaches very close to our cottages.
 You can be sure that you will have plenty to do. Other than relaxing on the beaches and exploring Norwich, you can also explore the many underground waterways that are all over the beautiful countryside. There are also plenty of tourist attractions all around, some of them so close that you can walk. If that is not for you how about you spend the days fishing? We are close to Waveney River which is rich with different kinds of fish. There are also many other fishing spots that dot the landscape.
 Our cottages are perfect whether you want to come alone, as a couple or with family and friends. They all come in different sizes so you can book whatever is ideal for you. Each cottage has a fully kitted kitchen and you will find everything you need to prepare meals – all you need to do is bring your own supplies. If you don’t want the hassle of preparing your own meals we can do it for you – we have a highly trained chef in our staff and all you need to do is let us know 24 hours in advance what you would like to have. Each cottage has access to a hot tub and you also get a barbeque.
 There is plenty for kids to do too. They can go out cycling in the landscapes or they can stay close to the cottages in our fitness barn or the play barn which is reserved for children under 5. Many of the children who stay with us love it so much because they are able to visit the dairy farm. It is 1100 acres and on it we have 200 cows, 12,000 free range chickens and a few pigs. We grow wheat, barley, sugar beet, oilseed, rape seed potatoes and maize as well as grass for livestock feed. Kids can come out to watch the milking either early in the morning or late in the evening. All our produce is sold locally and we encourage our guests to buy some to take back home.
 We are pet friendly too – we allow one dig per guest and you will find everything that you need to take care of your pet in your cottage. If you have special needs, such as a wheelchair ramp or an additional bed let us know in advance and you will find them in your cottage when you arrive.
 What are you waiting for? Book a luxury cottage with us today by checking out the cottages at the bottom of this page:!

Lawn Care Technician Training

As the owner of a lawn care business in the UK there is one thing that you cannot afford to forgo – training your staff to do proper lawn care and maintenance. If you use untrained people they will do a lousy job and may end up costing you clients. In fact, even staff who have already been trained need to get refresher courses if they are going to keep up with developments in the industry. The only problem is, where is the best place for you to send employees to receive training?
 There are many outfits set up to provide lawn care and landscaping training but it is very hard to know which one will be effective. The one thing you should know is this – unless you send them to be trained by a facility that has experience mowing lawns then they will not get the practical experience that is needed. In order to be able to landscape properly one must get out there and actually handle a lawnmower. You have to know everything that goes into landscaping and there is only so much that you can learn in a classroom setting.
 The best place to send your employees is to a lawn care company that has a training services – there are some that offer training as part of their package. This means that your employees will get all the practical and other learning needed to be effective in their job. The company will send them out there to see how more experienced landscapers work and as time goes on they will be given small tasks to complete and eventually big ones. By the time they come back to you they will know everything that they need to help your business succeed.
 One such company is Pro Lawn Care UK. Although they do regular landscaping, part of their business is providing lawn care technician training. They provide a well-rounded curriculum that covers all areas of landscaping. They charge very reasonable costs but if you cannot pay upfront you can talk to them about paying in instalments. You can find out more on their website, .

Internal Glass Sliding Doors

Internal glass sliding doors are a useful addition in any home or office – not only do they partition rooms, they also make them brighter because they allow more light in. When choosing a vendor it is important to choose carefully; true, there are many vendors across the country but not all of them provide quality doors or good customer service. Glass sliding doors are not cheap so you don’t want to make any mistakes. Before you buy an internal glass sliding door take the following factors into account:
•    Does the vendor provide quality internal glass sliding doors? There are a great many vendors who sell doors that are low quality simply because they are cheap. This is not a good way to go; you may pay less but you open yourself up to problems. First, if anyone were to mistakenly walk through the door it would come down and can cause serious injuries. Second, a low quality door, especially in an office, can allow unauthorized entry.
•    You should find out whether the vendor that you want to buy from will deliver and install your door or doors. You don’t want to go through the hassle of having to find an installer when there are many internal glass sliding door vendors who are happy to deliver and install doors for their customers. Many of them will do it for free but there are some who will charge a small fee.
•    What kind of clients has the vendor serviced in the past? This tells you the kind of doors and service that they provide. If they have worked with reputable clients such as big companies it is because they do exceptional work.
•    Do you get a guarantee of any sort? What happens if the door doesn’t work out as promised? Will they replace it for free? It is important to read your warranty carefully – the devil is always in the details when it comes to warranties. Keep in mind that the longer the warranty the better for you.
•    Are they known for good customer service? What will happen should you need to contact them after you have bought the sliding glass door from them? The last thing you want is not to get a response or be passed from person to person.
One company that has provided top quality internal glass sliding doors all across the UK is Go Glass. They have worked with some of the biggest clients in the county and they are known for their top-notch customer service. You can find out more on their website, .

Carpenter Cambridge, UK

You have a building project and it is time for you to hire a carpenter. You find one, ask him whether he can do the job, he says yes and you hire him. Only somewhere along the way there are delays, he wants you to buy him more materials and many other little things go wrong. You decide to be patient until the job is complete way past deadline. When you go to inspect it you find it is nothing lie the carpenter promised but he insists you pay him anyway. Before you know it you have a huge problem in your hands. Do you think that it cannot happen to you, right? Wrong; it happens to people all the time.
The problem is the approach to the carpentry project itself. You started by assuming that just any carpenter can get the job done. You would be surprised how many do not actually deliver. You have to look for a Cambridge carpenter who has a record of excellence and professionalism. Never hire before you see a sample of their work. If they cannot take you to a site they should bring photographic evidence.
In order to avoid problems once the job is done it is your job to make sure that you have all the right documentation in place before the job begins. Start by getting a quote that lists everything that the carpenter will need as well as how much each item will cost. You insist on an itemized quote because this way you know exactly how much you are spending on what.
The other document that you should get the carpenter to sign is a contract. It should state the exact nature of the job, break it down into tasks and show how long each task will take. It should show the cost of the job and what you can do in case the job is not completed on time.
One Cambridge carpenter who will not disappoint you is ALN Carpentry and Joinery. They are great at what they do and they are professional. You can find out more on

Top Prep Schools in UK


While there are several prep schools in the UK, not all of them will offer what your child needs. To pick the right one, it’s important to understand what constitutes a good prep school. Top prep schools in UK tend to offer a wide range of subjects, and have several extra curriculum activities. They also integrate technology in their lessons and equip students with skills that they will need in the real world. Other important qualities about top prep schools are:

They let children be children

Top prep schools in UK encourage students to develop the spirit of inquiry not only in class, but in other areas of their lives as well. They also have spacious outdoor areas where students can play games, climb trees, and kick balls. This provides them with an all-round education.

All children get attention

Although most top prep schools are situated in large and diverse communities, they are also small enough to allow students to get individual attention. The teachers strive to find and nurture each child’s talent and encourage them to do their best. The education offered equips the pupils, intellectually, emotionally, physically and culturally.

Innovative teaching methods

Teachers of top prep schools use innovative teaching methods and care for the students. The students don’t compete against each other as each of them is valued for their own accomplishment. This encourages them to support each other and form special bonds that last a lifetime.

Last Thoughts

To better understand how students spend their days in prep schools, attend open days of the schools. You could also schedule appointments with the head teachers to ask more questions. While there, observe how the staff treats you and the students; such indicators speak volumes.  Finally, allow your child to spend a day in the school if taster days are allowed. This is a good way of assessing if the institution is a good fit.




Top Boarding Schools UK

Getting into top boarding schools in the UK is not easy – they are extremely competitive, and some parents even register children as soon as they are born. Registration is not enough; there are a series of tests that your child will have to undertake in order to qualify as a student. Many schools require prospective students to take a computerized intelligence test. This is not a test based on previous knowledge but rather on things such as numeracy, reasoning and problem solving. The best way to get your child ready is to get her to do as many practice tests as possible – samples are available online.

Your child will also be required to do an interview and this can be tough for shy children. You can however help them prepare for it by doing practice runs. Come up with a list of the kinds of questions that may be asked in an interview and go through them often with your child.

This may seem to be very stressful, but you can help your child relax by explaining to them why it is necessary, being involved and helping them when they need it. You can also make it easier for your child if you send them to a school where they will fit in. Some of the top UK boarding schools are extremely competitive, not just in class but in other activities as well. If your child doesn’t thrive in this kind of environment you should find them a school that offers a good curriculum without being so competitive.

One school which helps all kinds of students excel is St. Francis College in Hertfordshire. It is a girls-only school that offers a rich curriculum based on Christian values. There are also plenty of activities to ensure that your child gets a well-rounded education. You can find out more on its website,


Are you looking for a independent boarding schools UK for your child to do their sixth form studies? If yes, we recommend that you choose the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies. This school has an excellent reputation when it comes to academic performance – they are able to send more than 90% of their students on to institutions of higher learning. By sending your child there you are giving them a great opportunity to get into some of the best universities in the UK and abroad. The CCSS excels not just for academic reasons but also because they take great care of the students. They understand that if students are not happy in other areas of their lives they won’t have the focus that is required for good academic results.
 CCSS is a boarding school and therefore your child will be living in a dormitory. You can choose to put them up in a room with another student or you can choose to pay for a room of their own. All rooms are en suite. Each dormitory has a boarding manager whose job it is to supervise the students at all times when they are in the dorms. The manager is also available in case a student has a problem – your child can approach them any time, day or night. The manger is also tasked with walking the students to their classes and back.
 When it comes to meals, CCSS is very keen that students eat healthy meals at all times. They provide 3 meals a day and a snack mid-afternoon. Your child will have lots of fruits and vegetables. The school also has extracurricular activities that your child can choose from. They can play table tennis and a few other sports in the evening and they can also watch TV. On weekends the school organizes sporting activities and if the weather allows it, there is a barbeque.
 Your child will not be kept cooped up in the school they whole term. They get to go on several excursions to museums, art galleries and other attractions and they also get to go on a shopping trip to London. You are allowed to give your child some pocket money for them to spend buying gifts on these trips. Your child is also allowed to have a mobile phone and because there is Wi-Fi in the boarding area they can bring along a laptop.

CCSS – Explore Your Educational Future

The Cambridge Center for Sixth-form Studies truly offers an educational experience of a lifetime. With a diverse student body and fully dedicated staff– CCSS continues to be a beacon of excellence in academia. Whether for business courses, liberal arts, or even ESL – the facility offers a range of classes and tuition programs for all students. This is accentuated by the school’s cultural events, which celebrate the bonds of pluralism and international friendship. From college preparatory courses to universal subjects like math and science, CCSS offers comprehensive and cohesive courses set within a supportive and enriching environment.

Academic Learning at its Finest

As the epicenter for Ivy League education, Cambridge is synonymous with academic learning at its finest. The area is also blanketed by a myriad of schools and top flight educational learning centers. While the spirit of CCSS revolves around illuminating student minds – the educational realm is as competitive as it is challenging. As a result, we effectively prepare students to not only tackle coursework – but also life’s unexpected obstacles and hurdles. With industry-leading instructors and thought provoking courses, we help all students overcome any problems that may be hindering performance. This includes better study skills, along with a strong emphasis on critical thinking and concentration.

The CCSS Difference

While CCSS instructors are committed to excellence in all endeavors, they believe in enabling students to think for themselves. This includes tapping into their creative skills, while helping students understand the depth of their potential in life. Students are also taught vital life skills that they will cherish for years to come. This includes independent thinking and original thought – the cornerstones of any successful student in the contemporary and digital age. While coursework can be rigid at times, the environment is truly welcoming and designed to make everyone feel at home. Like all things in life, CCSS is what you make of it. Teachers will always be there to guide students to the right paths in life; however, students will have to take initiative and the first steps to a rewarding future and career.

Start Your Journey Today

If you are ready to take your education to a new level, CCSS is simply the best place to be. Not only do we nurture students in helping them meet their desired goals – we also challenge them to think outside of the box and establish their own individual and unique identities. For more information on our upcoming sessions and semesters, simply visit our site and start your educational journey today:!

Frosted glass

Frosted glass has a wide range of uses, such as stylish ornaments and intriguing windows. When used in windows, frosted glass obscures the area on the other side of the glass pane. This is why it is popular for things like shower doors and front windows in homes. Frosted glass windows allow light to easily reach the inside of your home without allowing others to easily see inside. The following are the most popular places to find these classy looking panes:
The process to create this particularly stunning type of glass requires either sandblasting a clear pane of glass, or using acid etching to create the frosted look. By altering the surface of the glass, images are blurred, creating a sense of privacy without reducing the light available in the room. The process can also be used to created frosted images, giving the room a look that is completely unique as the appearance of the image looks different based on the angle at which you look at it. Objects appear to create their own light as seen on the other side of the pane. A smooth finish amplifies the outlines and view of those objects.
While sandblasing and etching are the best ways of achieving the right look, there are two other methods that can create similar effects. The look of frosted glass can also be achieved using a vinyl film that acts like a stencil on the glass. Artists and experts are able to create more detailed images with this method without weakening the glass pane. The primary problem with film is that they can scratch and peel over time, ruining the sophisticated appearance. It is also possible to use sprays to create a similar effect, although the sprays are not as elegant and can create more of a smudged look than an elegant solution to enhance privacy.
When two panes of frosted glass are used together, they create an intriguing illusion, further obscuring the images on the other side of the glass. Some bathrooms use this to offer greater privacy. The panes also come with different levels of translucence, letting you determine how visible objects will be on the other side.

Insights on getting the best Richmond Doctor services

Many people feel that their Richmond doctor is not providing them with the best healthcare they deserve. This goes in some cases, but often the problem is as result of many people not being aware of what they can do to get the best from their doctor. You ought to note that your health is important, and you should never just base it on your doctor. There is a need for you to be part of your health care if you are to get the maximum benefits from your health care provider. Here are some tips that can assist you to reap the best from your doctor.

1. Take a Positive Interest in Your Health
First, it is important for you to take a positive interest in your health. If you are not interested, it is more than likely that there is not a great deal that the doctor will be in a position of doing for you. Find out what you can do to get healthier and to maintain your health, and you’re your doctor questions as well. Not unless you ask you will not get the desired answer so take a positive interest and ask and no doubt your visits to the doctor will be more productive.

2. Never Be Afraid to Get a Second Opinion
If you shy away from taking, a second opinion chances are you are not likely to get the best results from your doctor. Even if you have the best doctor, there’s an open possibility that they could be wrong about an issue and get a second opinion can be a right choice to make. Never be afraid of hurting your doctor’s feelings. As long as the doctor is a professional, he will most likely understand your choice. What he misses might be found elsewhere, and hence your health will be more improved.

3. Constantly Acquire Information
You will also need to ensure that you are constantly acquiring information. If your Richmond doctor gives you a diagnosis, make it your business to dig out more on what you can find on the presented problem. With this information, you can be in a better position of asking questions and getting answers to how you can improve your condition. It doesn’t matter if you are just out to keep fit or want to learn how to control some major conditions and diseases, the more information you acquire, the better you will be in dealing with it in future.