Shoe Shopping

Although many women love shoe shopping, they often end up with the wrong kinds of shoes and this can lead to discomfort and even health problems in the long term. This is because they go for cute shoes rather than practical ones. With just a few tips you can find shoes that match both these criteria. Here is what you should do the next time you decide to go shoe shopping:

• Set aside some time – it takes a while to find the right shoes. Lots of times we buy the wrong shoes because we are in a hurry. Choose to go shoe shopping on a day when you don’t have much else to do.

• As tempting as it may be to buy shoes online you should try and make it to the shoe store so that you can try on the shoes before you buy. If you find an irresistible pair make sure that the website has a good return policy.

• Never buy shoes on a cold day – your feet tend to shrink on such days which means that you will buy a smaller shoe than is optima. When you wear such shoes in hot weather they will hurt your toes. When you fit stand up and walk around a little and make sure you can wiggle your toes.

• If you do a lot of walking you should buy low shoes with a heel that is about an inch high. You can get such a pair to wear in the office so that you only wear high heels when you have important meetings.

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